Zecchino d’Oro

To improve the harmonious development of children’s feet, Zecchino d’Oro uses in all the shoes a patented insole in which a hand-stitched leather footbed is applied. The insole is made of leather, the lining of natural calf or silver laminated. 

The natural cowhide used by Zecchino d’Oro to make shoes is one of the finest and and exclusively selected from a selection of Italian tanneries. The characteristics of the calf are its unique softness, elasticity and resistance: for this reason Zecchino d’Oro’s children’s shoes always guarantee ideal comfort. 

The cutted sole is a technique used to remove a part of the bottom of the shoe and make it considerably more slim and stylish, as for example in sandals. This also accounts for the bottom sole in leather or rubber.