To tell the story of Guanabana we have to start by talking about its founder. Almudena Espinosa was born in Spain. Daughter of a Spanish father and a Colombian mother, she grew up in a house with Colombian principles and values. This cultural synergy always accompanies us on our way.
During her child hood, on her trips to Colombia, she fell deeply in love with its people, its passion, its humanity and culture. In Colombia we always find a world of initiatives where everything is possible, you see the good things first and where you have to reinvent your self every day to get the best out of yourself. In 2005 she founded Guanabana passionate about Peruvian and Colombian crafts and encouraged by her friends, who have always fed her concerns and have been a great support in,the development and criteria of the brand.   Since then, in Spain we have developed our unique and timeless designs, with the intention of making quality and durable products that go beyond one season. Our production happens mainly in Colombia and Spain working with more than 1200 artisans with traditional techniques inherited from our ancestors. Along our way, we have always collaborated socially with the communities we work with, making sure to give them a stable, safe job that they can trust.