Greek leather sandals, handmade in Greece.  The story begins with Antonis Papadopoulos handed the reins over to my grandfather, Nicolas Lainas, with whom I share his name. He moved the atelier to Dafni increasing the number of employees to three, which did include my father. I loved that shop because my grandfather allowed me to ride my little bicycle through the aisles of boxes, always knocking them down. With love and peace in his heart, he would always pick them up and put them back in place.

When my father took over, he moved the shop to a larger space in Tavros that is just 2 km from the Acropolis, where it remains today. My father was all about quality. He wanted superb comfort and wanted our leather Greek sandals to last for years. This mission was built into each pair of shoes. The company became being one of the first manufacturers in Greece to produce sandals 11 months of the year. What also became a small source of pride was that other designers of fashion sandals began using some of our designs and practices